Peer Group Forums

A membership in our Peer to Peer Advisory Groups gives each participant access to the information and tools needed to stay current and focused on today’s competitive business environment.

Top Executive Mastermind Peer Group

Each group is made of 8 – 12 other Business Owners, CEO’s, and the primary decision maker from non-competing companies. Our forums meet once a month.

Emerging Leader and Key Executive Mastermind Peer Group

Unsure about how to get your company to the next step?  Brainstorm ideas with other like-minded business owners to provide a catalyst for change in your company.

Value Builder Program

This program has a tremendous focus on helping professional service providers grow their business.  Together, we offer a variety of tools, training, and support services to help our members reach their goals and achieve their vision. 

Value Builder Program & Workshops

Learn how to make your company more valuable than your competitors, discover your company's hidden assets, and see where your company is losing value.

Strategic Planning

Our groups are made of successful leaders just like you who want to Learn, Grow and Share together. (This is the Renaissance Executive Forums motto.) The biggest investment is a regular commitment of your time.

Strategic Planning 

Executives will be able to develop a strategy to achieve their goals. Members will identify underlying faults that may hinder a company's growth.

Leadership Team Communications Workshop & Services

The average individual speaks about 20,000 words in a day.  However, how many of those words are impactful and making a difference in your company?

Key Employee Benchmarking

Teams can learn to be more effective and productive by understanding each better and learning new communications techniques and tools.