Value Builder Program

Strengthen the value of your company and receive insight on enhancing employee relations.

This program has a tremendous focus on helping professional service providers grow their business.  Together, we offer a variety of tools, training, and support services to help our members reach their goals and achieve their vision.  Our programs are designed to help Top Executives get from where they are now to where they want to be, both personally and professionally.

Value Builder Program

About The Value Builder Program

Start by completing The Value Builder Questionnaire.  This will help you analyze your company's performance on the eight components that have been linked to the value of a business.  This assessment is completely free.  Learn how to make your company more valuable than your competitors, discover your company's hidden assets, and see where your company is losing value.

We take the time to assess your company's goal and define what that can mean in the long-term.  It is crucial to take measures to understand each aspect of your company as it grows.  This assessment is completely confidential and is only discussed between you and your advisor. 

Benefits of the Value Builder Program

  • Discover where your company has room for improvement and where it is excelling 
  • Collaborate with your advisor and like-minded executives
  • Become confident in the growth of your company
  • Obtain a detailed report on aspects of your company that contributes to your overall value

Complete Your Business Assessment

Take a moment to answer a few questions (about 15 minutes) and learn how your company scores. 

Evaluate Your Score With Your Trusted Advisor

Your advisor will walk you through in detail about what your score means.  A good understanding of the value of your company can result in success.  

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