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Leverage Your Time for Bottom Line Results with an Engagement Manager

Patrick Ewers, founder and CEO of Mindmaven, recently shared with Executive Forums Silicon Valley peer groups several hands-on, step-by-step ways in which a CEO can gain leverage to build better business relationships using a structured approach that works with leaders and their assistants. ...
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A wealth advisor with a client, financial planning, a presentation at Glenn Perkins' Executive Forum Silicon Valley by Stephen Grochol of SGC Financial Services

Financial Planning

Financial planner and wealth advisor Stephen Grochol of SGC Financial Services presented at the Executive Forum Silicon Valley in 2021 about all major six areas of financial planning. ...
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Financial EQ Can Improve Your Relationship with Money

Executive Forum Silicon Valley invited Emily Scott, a thought partner working with her clients to help unpack their money stories to improve their personal and professional financial decision-making, communications, and relationships. With no assets under management, Emily’s sole skin in the game is her clients’ peace of mind and clarity in discovering their money mindset, ...
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A circle diagram of profit, growth, innovation and humans, used by Glenn Perkins, Executive Coach of Executive Forums Silicon Valley in article "A Roadmap for Pivoting a Business Towards Future Growth". www.exeforumsSV.com

A Roadmap for Pivoting a Business Towards Future Growth

In times of turmoil, we hear the inevitable cry to pivot your business into a new set of products or services. Exactly how is that done? What are the steps?   Do we need a crisis to pivot our business? Shouldn’t we always be looking to pivot our business? And, if pivoting is so easy, why ...
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