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A circle diagram of profit, growth, innovation and humans, used by Glenn Perkins, Executive Coach of Executive Forums Silicon Valley in article "A Roadmap for Pivoting a Business Towards Future Growth". www.exeforumsSV.com

A Roadmap for Pivoting a Business Towards Future Growth

In times of turmoil, we hear the inevitable cry to pivot your business into a new set of products or services. Exactly how is that done? What are the steps?   Do we need a crisis to pivot our business? Shouldn’t we always be looking to pivot our business? And, if pivoting is so easy, why ...
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A business owner relaxing with his feet up on the computer deck, hands behind his head, illustrating the article about running a business without the owner will free the owner to have a life of his own and exit with higher value, by Glenn Perkins, Executive Forums Silicon Valley, www.execforumsSV.com

5 Ways To Get Your Business To Run Without You

Have you ever considered making it your primary goal to set up your business so that it can thrive and grow without you? A business not dependent on its owner is the ultimate asset to own. It allows you to have complete control over your time so that you can choose the projects you get ...
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An illustration of top 20 technology companies by revenue per employee, for the article by Glenn Perkins, www.execforumssv.com

The Four Real World Employee Ratios that Can Drive Your Business

It’s a competitive jungle out there, and the most sought-after prizes aren’t treasure chests of money, but people. High performing employees to be specific. Regardless of employment levels, top companies know that success depends on not only attracting and retaining your most productive employees, but also on building a healthy set of employee performance metrics. ...
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Two men digging, one goes deep, the other goes wide, an illustration of different business strategies that will lead to different growth results, an article by Glenn Perkins, President of Executive Forums Silicon Valley.

Avoid the Mile-Wide Trap in Your Business COVID 19 Response

What is the difference between a mile-wide versus a mile-deep approach to building your business? And why does it matter? As many companies’ growth has stalled due to Covid-19’s shelter-in-place, unemployment, reduced consumption, workplace protection and other changes and limitations, some are looking everywhere for new businesses, even scrambling to diversify by adding new products ...
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