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Two men digging, one goes deep, the other goes wide, an illustration of different business strategies that will lead to different growth results, an article by Glenn Perkins, President of Executive Forums Silicon Valley.

Avoid the Mile-Wide Trap in Your Business COVID 19 Response

What is the difference between a mile-wide versus a mile-deep approach to building your business? And why does it matter? As many companies’ growth has stalled due to Covid-19’s shelter-in-place, unemployment, reduced consumption, workplace protection and other changes and limitations, some are looking everywhere for new businesses, even scrambling to diversify by adding new products ...
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An illlustration of a hand holding money and 6 areas for its allocation, about assets sources, protection, and transition. Presented at Executive Forums Silicon Valley, Glenn Perkins, Executive Coach, www.execforumssv.com.

It’s All About Assets!

Business owners are often fully devoted to running and growing their companies that they hardly pay attention to both business and personal assets’ acquisition, accumulation, protection and transition. They need to take a holistic and strategic view of the sources, threats, application, and legacy issues. ...
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An illustration about trademark as part of a brand and intellectual property, a blog byExecutive Forum Silicon Valley, email: gperkins@executiveforums.com or call 408-901-0321.

Trademarks for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Importance of trademarks Why do trademarks matter to small and mid-sized businesses?  “The best companies are those whose brands are easy to remember and instantly recognizable,” said Dana Brody-Brown, Counsel at Hoge-Fenton during a recent interactive workshop at the Executive Forums Silicon Valley (EFSV) Advisory Board. Trademarks can serve to differentiate your products from others ...
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Find Your Own “Grey Wolves”, Clarify, Insight and Accountability at EFSV Reach out directly if you are interested in learning more about the Stages of Growth or Organizational Rewilding,or if you would like to brainstorm about what kind of “grey wolves” are needed to revitalize your company’s ecosystem. If you are interested in learning more about the Stages of Growth or becoming a member at Executive Forum Silicon Valley, please contact gperkins@executiveforums.com or call 408-901-0321. For more information visit http://www.execforumssv.com/

Your Business’ “Grey Wolf” (Part 3 of 3, Organization Rewilding)

The grey wolf metaphor comes from the success in the revitalization of the Yellowstone Park’s complex ecosystem in the 1990s. Through the introduction of a Key Systemic Element (grey wolves), a complete transformation occurred to bring back vitality, life and growth of the park. Similarly, businesses are a complex ecosystem and through the identification and ...
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7 Stages of Growth and Hidden Agents (Pt 2 of 3, Organization Rewilding)

Do you ever feel like there are times in your business that you keep bumping up against an invisible force field?  Something that holds you back regardless of how hard you try to grow or move forward?  What you may be experiencing is something James Fischer, in his book Navigating the Growth Curve, calls Hidden ...
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